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Before you write...

Got something you want to share with us? This site relies on tips and information from readers about the latest bargains and deals, so if you know about a cheap eat or play, or a free hot dog or booze, share it with us. Before you do, though, why not see if someone has already asked your question in the following section?

1. Why do you hate everything?

We don't hate everything, you just didn't read very carefully. And you probably are the sort that says "I'm a people person!" We dislike a lot of stuff . Mostly when it's a ripoff, phony or bland. Actually, the stuff we list here we may like for different reasons than you. We love Las Vegas when it's cheesy, corny, dirty, dingy and slightly dangerous. If you don't, then this site probably isn't for you.

2. How often is this site updated?

At least every month, if not more often. The site is a hobby and doesn't even make enough money to pay for the hosting. We do it because it's fun. Of course, that's no guarantee that everything is always 100% accurate. We welcome your corrections and updates.

3. Do you need writers?

No. This isn't a paying gig, anyway. It's a hobby, so it's what we do for fun. We doubt you want other people to do your hobby for you, and neither do we.

4. Don't you have anything nice to say?

That's a rhetorical question and doesn't need to be e-mailed to us because we don't answer rhetorical questions unless we have a very witty retort. That would be about once every two years. So, write back then.

5. What is full-pay video poker?

There are lots of different video poker machines in Vegas. Many have the same rules but different pay tables, meaning that, for example, some Double Bonus machines pay 9 for a full house and 6 for a flush, while others pay 10 for a full house and 7 for a flush. Since Nevada State gaming law requires Video Poker to be dealt randomly from a 52-card deck, all machines have an equal chance of dealing you a winning hand. Therefore, the 10/7 machine pays out more than the 9/6 machine over the course of time. You always want to look for machines with the highest payouts to increase your odds of winning. For an article on this topic check here

Other Comments and Questions?