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A Letter From Our Publisher
Randy Shandis, owner and publisher of the Gift Electronique, wants to have a work with you, the reader.

An Election Year Exclusive!
As a special service to our readers, we have found the websites of the two leading presidential candidates, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. These are not their official campaign sites but the ones that they have built themselves. What you see here are not the men running for office, but the men as they truly are.

Neil Gruber's World of the Weird
A Halloween treat! Neil Gruber has created the most frightening Freak Show on the Internet, and we have it. Enter at your own risk.

The Greatest Story Ever Told
The biblical tale of Mort the Tailor.

Internet Threat
The triple whammy! Because the Internet is so neat and so stunningly full of usefull information, we have decided to give you three options here. You can choose any combination, including all three!

Your Guide to Funny Netiquette - Learn the latest and greatest emoticons and internet acronyms. Lord, is it fun!
Chat - Back by popular demand, we are printing transcripts from real "chat" sessions. Be the voyeur we know you are.

Kpoetry Korner
Enjoy the poetry of theGift Electronique staff.

Our Man About Town
Dan, our resident critic of anything he damn well chooses ventures forth into the bustling San Francisco community. Join him, won't you?

Phil's Ososphy
Phil, the closest thing we could find to an all-knowing deity, sits down and teaches us what to think, and more inportantly, when to think it. This issue, he ponders questions.

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