Lé Poétry Boutiqué Pétité
Random Poetry and Senseless Acts of Poetry

by Matt and Mark

Le Poetry boutique Petite, where the intellect is put to verse in a beautiful and somehow romantic display. Take our hands, won't you, and journey into the deepest and most sincere words of the staff of the Gift Electronique.

Swollen glands
and stolen glances
The girl with the flu
likes you.
Pretty Butterfly
Hi, to all of you in outer space.
I hope you are all doing well.
How's the atmosphere?

What a wondrous day,
For it to rain ponies
Such a marvelous day
Oh my God! Oh my God!
They've killed her.

The wrong side of the tracks
at the oceanside, is where
I grew up.
Where the salt water smelled like piss.
Pretty Butterfly
Somewhere a boy is crying
And somewhere a mother is dying
Somewhere there is no joy in Mudville
Because you weren't so careful
With that air gun.
Pretty Butterfly
time and time again
I tell myself to shut up.
ow. I think I've poked
out my eye again.
Pretty Butterfly
When she was sleeping
And dreaming she was underwater
It occurred to her a giant Bob Hope
Meant giant entertainment
And upon waking she set to work.
Pretty Butterfly
I like to dance!
Sometimes in France!
I like to Dance!
Just give me the chance
to dance!

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