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Bob Dole's personal website.
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Everyone can link you to the official election sites of the presidential nominees. That's easy. And what's more, all you get out of those sites is the Bob Dole and Bill Clinton that the campaign managers want you to see.

The Gift Electronique, in our effort to provide a valuable service to the world, has employed its significant resources in tracking down the personal websites of the two men that are in a dogfight for the presidency.

These are not more election year bullshit. No, these are the sites that these two men made with their own minds and hearts. These are what Bob Dole and Bill Clinton think about the world and about the lives they lead. And they say it unencumbered by their advisors.

These sites were not designed with the general public in mind. We found out from our insiders that both men are budding computer geeks and both have started playing with HTML. These sites are the results.

Here is where you find out what the men are truly like. We hope these sites help you make a most enlightened selection come November.

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