MOTLEY FOOL - Financial Advice was something called a "forum" where an expert in his field (which in this case was finances) answers all of your questions. And boy did I have a big question about my personal finances. MF Value was the financial wizard from some investment magazine, and he was joined by JMarkK, Psimon6739, TROUT101, JATZ 23, Giveme1234 and myself.

MF Value: Biggerknee, Welcome to the Motley Fool Chat Room!

Biggerknee: Does anyone know the best way to convert a large amount of cash into securities without detection?

JMarkK: Bigger--lol. I can't believe that you asked that question

MF Value: Biggerknee, most everyone is required to report cash transactions of 10,000.

Biggerknee: I mean, do I have to wire transfer to get any respect from an investment house?

Psimon6739: Bigger talk to Johnny Cochran he can fix anything

MF Value: Biggerknee, you should probably see a CPA or Attorney for some professional advice.

Biggerknee: Hmm, but the last thing I want is other people getting their hands on this.

TROUT101: TRMB went up today, does any one have any ideas about this stock. It looks like a good future but maybe a little high.

JATZ 23: I bought some @ $3 not sure if I should take 33% profit for 11days work or let it ride

Biggerknee: I am trying to avoid taxes, because I am not particularly interested in people questioning.

JMarkK: Bigger--if you're trying to avoid taxes, do what Mark Mobius did, become an expatriate to reduce taxes.

Biggerknee: How do I become an ex-patriot? My business is here. do I have to leave?

Giveme1234: LOL!!!

MF Value: Biggerknee, it only works for the top half of 1%. About 175 people in the US from what I understand.

JMarkK: Bigger--you can give up US citizenship and go to the Bahamas to become a citizen there.

Biggerknee: Yeah, but how do I run a business from the Bahamas? I can't hand the business over to associates. They will stab me in the back in a second.

JMarkK: I don't know, use the phone, I guess. Call Mark Mobius of Templeton.

Biggerknee: I'll call this Mark guy. Is Templeton in Bahamas? What's the weather like there?

JMarkK: lol

Biggerknee: Can I start a bank account with a fake name or do I need fake identification?

ARW0247: Anyone have a thought as to why the market went crazy today, especially in techs?

MF Value: Biggerknee, you really do need to seek legal help. I don't think you will find to much cheating help in here. Might just say something with the wrong person around.

Biggerknee: It's not a legal issue. That's what I'm trying to say. I would rather keep it out of legal hands. I've just never had this much money before.

MF Value: Well, the thing to do is to do it legal. No Fake ID's allowed in here.

Biggerknee: Well, thanks MF, I appreciate your help. Is there a place for tax fraud on AOL?

Giveme1234: Bigger, you know the story about the monkey who got his hand stuck in the candy jar?

MF Value: Biggerknee, how about you report the income and pay taxes. That is a novel idea....

Biggerknee: Maybe there is a secret room or someone can send me email or something.

MF Value: Biggerknee, you could go search the Newsgroups on the Internet. You can find anything there. Even the IRS.

Biggerknee: What is the story about the Monkey and hand jar and what does it have to do with finances?

Giveme1234 : Well, this monkey was offered some candy. He put his hand in and grabbed all he could. Trouble was, he couldn't get his hand out unless he let go of some of it. He refused. Died.

Biggerknee: Well, that's too bad about the monkey, but I am off to see the internet. Thanks everyone. I know I will get out of this jam!!

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