EXTRA is a room for fans of the popular entertainment encapsulation program. My being an avid fan Hollywood, decided to see what kind of smarmy remarks these show business wags would make about "Entertainment Tonight." When I entered, it was just HOCKEYKNUT and me, but that was soon to change.

HOCKEYKNUT: Like, where is everyone?

Biggerknee: How should I know, I'm wasting my time in here.

Member1866: Do you go to church?

Biggerknee: Should I?

Member1866: Yes.

Biggerknee: Why is that? How about a temple?

Member1866: Jesus is coming SOON 4 his church.

Biggerknee: Have you spoken with Jesus recently?

Member1866: Yes.

Biggerknee: What did he say? Is he funny?

Member1866: No, I didn't talk 2 him personally.

Biggerknee: Who spoke with him and can he be trusted?


Kitty1105: Hey, everyone! What are we talking about tonight? Ah, good-- Jesus-- a good friend of mine.

BRES144: Hello, funny you can find Jesus anywhere.

Biggerknee: I thought I saw him once at Denny's. He is a bad tipper.

Kitty1105: Jesus doesn't need money, Big-- he is worth more than any amount of money.

Member1866: Kitty, do you know Jesus?

Kitty1105: Yes, Mem.

Biggerknee: I knew a Jesus, but he pronounced it hay-zeuss. He was quite the soccer player.

Kitty1105: age/sex/state check


Kitty1105: 24/f/WV

Biggerknee: Nope, ain't falling for that. You Christians are getting nothing out of me.

BRES144: Big, I'm not sure what I walked into but I will pray you have a good night sleep tonight.

HOCKEYKNUT: What belief are you,Big?

Biggerknee: My belief is standard, garden variety satanism. Can't beat it for pizazz.

Member1866: All of the jesus lovers are cool.

Biggerknee: Oh, you Christians are ganging up on me. Is this a crusade?

Kitty1105: Have you ever heard the parable of the lost sheep, Big?

Biggerknee: I know the bible backward and forward, friends. It's a good book, a very good book.

BRES144: In your heart or your head?

HOCKEYKNUT: Then why all the dissing of Jesus????????

BRES144: I know it more in my heart than my head.

Kitty1105: Big -- Jesus could have a flock of millions, but he would leave them all to go out and rescue the one sheep who had lost its way.

Biggerknee: You guys are fucking lunatics. Isn't this room for talking about EXTRA television show?

BRES144: Big, get a hold on it.

HOCKEYKNUT: Make him stop, make him stop!!!!!!!!!

BRES144: Well, folks, it's at the point to turn it over to the Lord.

Biggerknee: Yeah, bring on Jesus, I bet he's got a better sense of humor.

BRES144: He must have; look at his creations.

Kitty1105: LOL, BR

Kitty1105: Christians have the best senses of humor.

Biggerknee: Christians have terrible sense of humor. You guys laugh at those lame christian comedians.

Kitty1105: My favorite comedian is Jeff Foxworthy, and I don't think he is Christian

Biggerknee: No, but he sucks.

Kitty1105: Big, you need help in all areas, it seems.

Member1866: I AM A JESUS FREAK.

PowVet: Yo pickens.

HOCKEYKNUT: Believe it or not, Big, Jesus does love you.

Biggerknee: Hey, Pow, run for your life, there's evangelists in here.

BRES144: Big, beware of the power of prayer.

Biggerknee: Are you guys praying I die?


Biggerknee: Then what do I have to beware of?


Member1866: Good bye. Hope some of you will be saved by Christ.

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