Kpoetry Korner

Random Poetry
and Senseless Acts of Poetry

by Matt and Mark

The Kpoetry Korner, where philistines are smote, not with swords or knives, rather with clubs. A place for bards to gather and spout verse, in a sublime, electronic display of wit and wisdom. So, gentle reader, prepare your soul to be awakened to the wonders of the aesthetic world as previously only we knew it. Take this, Hallmark... Hiiii-Ya!

For future issues, we are accepting submissions of poetry. Published poems will be critiqued, to fulfill our mandatory community service requirement.

What about the day of judgement
When hallowed souls return to the
Rotting flesh of their once corporeal beings?
Man, that is some weird shit.

Hey Mom, look at me
on the swing. I'm the
anorexic one you always
Yeah, up here. Hi.

In the museum
are paintings
and security guards
with guns

When I slept
I dreamt about being a cowboy.
Roping horses and shit
Sleeping in a different bed.

oh, I'm working in the coal mine. oh.
and it makes me so sad. oh.

A band with 76 trombones
Is too large to be feasible.
Don't get me wrong,
I love a big parade.
It's just that that one sounds retarded.

oh, I'm working in the factory
oh, and it makes me so sad. oh. oh.

When I'm lonely,
I eat walnuts.
They don't make me feel better
But are a good source of protein,
A vital nutrient.

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