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Come on, now, was there ever any doubt? Not only is Rob Schneider a raging egomaniac and a horrible actor, he's not in the least bit pleasant to look at. His tumescent tummy and fading hair make him the fucking creep in the copy room at work. Except, this fucker is so damned pushy that he's shoved his way into the movies. "Deuce Bigalow" was a dreadful, simpleton mess, and all the moreso because Rob Schneider didn't know what to do except imitate his buddy Adam Sandler. And what do you get when you impersonate an idiot? Rob Schneider.

The only thing we can hope for is that this prick decides he wants to make serious movies and ends up as the put-upon husband in some Hallmark "Made for TV" movies before fading into obscurity.

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