Everyone loves Halloween, Thanksgiving, and April Fool's Day. Even a celebration like Guy Fawlkes' Day has its devoted adherents. But for every calendar day there is at least one holiday, observance, or social ritual that's observed by only a handful of people worldwide. Our experts have compiled holidays that are celebrated by the fewest people-maybe none-or maybe even into negative numbers. Some are truly esoteric, greatly inconvenient or downright repulsive. For whatever reason, their observance generally goes unnoticed-until now.

15. Heinous Hives Day (12)
14. Cockroach Appreciation Day (13)
13. Boxing Day (15)
12. GiardiaFest (16)
11. Fling Your Possessions into a Tapioca Pond Day (Thailand) (16)
10. Rutherford B. Hayes' Day (17)
9. National Thread Day (Canada) (18)
8. Draw on Yourself with a Ballpoint Pen Day (19)
7. The REAL Easter (You know, the one about the rabbit, before the Catholics tried hijacking it as a religious thing.) (20)
6. Sam Donaldson's Birthday (20)
5. Dependence Day (20)
4. Christmas ­ America is way out of tune on this one! (20)
3. Candlemas (20)
2. Go to Work Day (25)
1. Take Your Boss to Lunch Day/National Boss' Day (30)

Says one judge, "I'd rather take my boss out to the woodshed." This seems to be the attitude of many, so it's no wonder that most people are completely ignorant about this holiday. Many know about it and aggressively avoid it. And surely some kiss-ass somewhere passes on some unwanted crock pot or plastic picture frame to The Man as a gesture saying, "Thanks for paying me so little that this is the only gift I can give you." The holiday is held every year on October 16, in case you didn't know, and of course, you didn't. In 2002, it falls on a Wednesday. Why not call in sick?

Other flimsy excuses for taking a day off: St. Gunther's Eve, United Nations Day, Arbor Day, The Feast of Imperfect Desserts (French Renaissance, still celebrated in a home near Nice), West-er, Donny Preston Remembrance Day (who?), Freaky Friday, Draw on Yourself with a Magic Marker Day, Interplanetary This Is Jeffrey Philip Higgins' Own Personal Holiday When I Can Do Anything And You Have To Let Me Day, Columbus Day­and why should we celebrate it?, Housewife's Day, School Spirit Week, St. Eusebius' Day, Flag Day, Wacky Hat Day, Armistice Day, Kwanzaa, and National Pig Day.

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