My Favorite Year, Steve Martin's live stand-up concert from 1980, The Simpsons-some comedies thoroughly tickle us without insulting our intelligence or playing upon our basest social taboos. But the fact is, quality comedy is hard to achieve, and many people find it easier to run the well-trod short cuts to laughs: making fun of disabled people, passing gas, tripping and falling down. We can forgive ourselves if we can't help but chuckle at some of these gags, but we can still recognize a reprehensible comedy when we see one. Our guest panel of writers and comedians assembled a list of the most unforgivable comedies ever made. If you wish to confirm their research, you do so at your own peril.

25. Saving Silverman (1)
24. You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and AOL (3)
23. Retards 'R' Us (4)
22. Affliction (5)
21. Encino Man (6)
20. Gimpy & Co. (7)
19. Ernest Goes to Summer Camp (10)
18. The Frogs of Aristophanes (12)
17. Forces of Nature (15)
16. Deuce Bigelow starring Rob Schneider (20)
15. Leni Reifenstahl's Fat Kids go to Summer Camp (20)
14. Scary Movie II (21)
13. I Keep Dropping the Baby starring John Travolta (25)
12. Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler (25)
11. The Pest starring John Leguzamo (25)
10. The Wild, Wild Genocide Caper (25)
9. John Waters' Pink Flamingos, reprehensible, but in a good way (30)
8. Me, Myself and Irene starring Jim Carrey and schizophrenia (35)
7. Pol Pot in Porky's (35)
6. Rolf on Golf with Tim Conway (35)
5. Let's Neglect the Baby! (40)
4. Whipped starring Amanda Peet, Brian Van Holt (45)
3. Who's Killing the Great Jews of Europe? (45)
2. Pauly Shore's entire body of work (50)
1. Puppies Under the Ax (60)

The heartwarming, blood-curdling film from 1992 starring Ben Affleck and Minnie Driver-and a few dozen cuddly puppies-was bound to rank high on this list, outstripping even Adam Sandler's worst efforts and the entire life's work of Pauly "I'm Only A Comedian Because My Mom Owns The Comedy Store" Shore. Who could ever forget the "puppy-eyes" these two stars made at one another over the puddles of canine blood at their feet? One judge recalled, "I laughed; I cried; I threw up."

Honorable Mention: Spice World, which was really more of a teen-girl music movie than a comedy.

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