"Are you up for a game?" Next time somebody asks, make sure you've studied the best moves as nominated by every world renowned checkers expert we could find. Try these moves and you may just become Monarch of the Game Room.

10. The Twist (Okay, this is really a Chubby Checker move.) (13)
9. Terror from above (14)
8. Hogging the edge (16)
7. The "I'm a Hurricane" move (17)
6. The Dread Mother-In-Law maneuver (20)
5. Getting kinged (25)
4. Jumping over one's opponent (25)
3. Double king jump (31)
2. Forward right diagonal move (35)
1. Throwing the whole damn board into the air (57)

Whether it's because you're upset at a losing streak or because you're just getting bored of so much red and black, throwing the whole damn board in the air relieves stress, goes "outside the box," and creates a fleeting but lovely shower of plastic chips that the whole family can enjoy. No wonder this maneuver is the favorite move of 75% of people who play checkers.

Leading up to the inevitable top-rated game-ending move, here are some things you can do during a rousing round of checkers: Forward left diagonal move, Move to corner position, Single king jump, The Boomerang, The Bunny Hop, The Stack-o-lee, The Gettysburg Rout, The King Louis the Sixteenth, Stack all the checkers in one big tower, The Robert Stack.

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