We worked with over 600 experts in various fields to compile the lists this year. We flew nearly half of these esteemed friends to our headquarters for the unveiling gala. Things got a little out of hand, and several panelists, and probably a few crashers, took the opportunity to get catty about the cultural elite. Who are the most troll-like of all? Here's the result of several hours of hard debate and hard liquor, culled and published just under the wire for your enlightenment.

20. Donald Trump (1)
19. Don King (3)
18. Goldie Hawn (4)
17. Nicholas Cage (5)
16. Tom Cruise (5)
15. Carol Channing (7)
14. Red Buttons (10)
13. David Spade (12)
12. Mike Myers (12)
11. David Sedaris (14)
10. Linda Hunt (15)
9. Susan Lucci (20)
8. Warwick Davis (21)
7. Tom Waits (voice only) (22)
6. Billy Barty (23)
5. Todd Helton, first baseman for the Rockies (40)
4. Danny DeVito (45)
3. Rhea Perlman (50)
2. Any kids they might have in the future (52)
1. Trolly the Magic Troll (60)

Yes, even the future offspring of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman couldn't out-troll good old Trolly the Magic Troll-not in a theoretical state at least. If Danny and Rhea do decide to breed and bring their offspring to light, we'll have to take a recount. Meanwhile, Trolly holds the crown, even as we all snicker derisively at his famous catchphrase: "Magic me! Magic me! I'm as magic as can be!" Yeah, right.

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