You say the latest mainstream romantic blockbuster is not going to suit your home-theater hunger this evening? You say you want a movie that depicts humans eating other humans? Yes, you did. I heard you! Look no further than here. Our expert panel of film critics, screenwriters, and anthropophagi has assembled the top choices in the genre for your reference.

10. Soylent Green (14)
9. Silence of the Lambs (15)
8. The Naked Prey (15)
7. Eating Raoul (30)
6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (30)
5. Titus (40)
4. Alive (41)
3. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (41)
2. Sweeny Todd (44)
1. Still Alive- Because We Eat People (60)

Some said a sequel to Alive could not be undertaken since the stranded party was rescued at the end of the first movie. But what happens when people with a taste for human flesh return to society? Well, it turns out that they live, thrive and survive-still alive, and still eating other people. First they pretend they're still stranded: One character locks herself in her own car with a colleague, and eats him. Another character reverts to cannibalism in a grocery store line. Later, they all just come out of the "cannibal closet," and chow down on a high-school wrestling team. (Shouldn't this one also be listed under "Most Reprehensible Comedies"?)

And when you get through watching those, try: How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, Parents, Delicatessen, I Dismember Mama, The Donner Party Parties Down! and Cannibal! The Musical.

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