Neet Tean Fashion Primer

Hey, teans! We know how hard it is to be heard. And we know how important it is for you to be heard. Why? Because teenagers have important messages for society. It's time the adults took notice of what you have to tell them!

That's why we put together this superhip tean fashion guide. It's designed to help you find just the right look that says "Listen to me! I'm different and I have something to say!" Express your unique message from the ten we've designed that cover all teen emotions.

I'm popular!

- entire ensemble inspired by photo of Gwyneth Paltrow in People

- sparkly highlights in necklace and camisole provide hints of opulence

- deceptively casual designer sportswear allows opportunities galore for name-dropping!


I'm not popular.

- handknitted sweater vest indicates dependence on matriarchal elders

- hair combed flat against the head takes away any risk of spontaneity

- tight trousers of scratchy synthetic material reveal threatened masculinity

- small clothing sizes create stooped, pinched posture


 Go-go-go, go you Mighty Monarchs!

- scrunchie and friendship bracelet in school colors represent forced enthusiasm and bonhomie

- fire-resistant bloomers allow freedom of movement

- V-neck sweater vest with logo provide conformity in the interest of school spirit



I don't care

- baggy cargo pants give impression of increased bulk

- fluffy polar fleece zip-vest emphasizes slouchy, apathetic posture

- rugged materials and natural colors and roomy storage compartments lend an outdoorsy feel to the ensemble


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