Neet Tean Fashion Primer
 That's not fair!

That's not fair!

- leather boots provide satisfyingly heavy stomping effect

- lycra exercise togs encourage violent movement: flailing, stomping, bellowing

- tennis bracelet and other fashion accessories are prizes from previous tantrums



I didn't ask to be born.

- T-shirt sports rebellious anti-authority slogan

- hair in eyes increases effect of sullen attitude

- boots useful for kicking defenseless inanimate objects

 I didn't ask to be born

 I'm late

- layered look with baggy clothes meant to hide self, fear of swollen abdomen

- jacket with hood provides sense of privacy and withdrawal

- extra-long sleeves serve tohide nervously twitching hands

- soft materials, such as fleece and cotton, assuage nauseated feeling

 I'm Late  

 Nothing Could be Worse

Nothing could be worse than how I feel.

- trenchcoat assures high visibility of suffering

- floppy hair hides aggravated facial sores

- large, heavy boots give impression of heft, large feet, and identification with the proletariat

- backpack is roomy enough to contain fave goth CDs and handwritten poems about death


   I dunno.

I dunno.

- shorty tee and long skirt send conflicting messages about wearer's sexuality

- hair is left long and loose for flipping purposes

- high-heeled sneakers give impression of mobility without increasing actual practicality of the outfit

- stuffed animal is a mute, furry companion in apathy and indecision

I'm so drunk!

I'm so drunk

- loafers make vomit cleanup easy!

- roomy shorts give off a "party" vibe

- shades (not pictured) hide unfocused and bloodshot eyes

- baseball cap indicates camraderie with other underage drunkards


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