I had a dream that my parent's
marriage was breaking up.
My dad wanted to become a monk.

I had a dream that everyone was happy and got what they wanted.
But guess what? I was still pretty low.

I had a dream that 4,000 oxen
All hopped up on Ovaltine
Were trying to get
at my brassieres.

I had a dream that my plane crashed.
The bad part was, it crashed in Florida.
I don't even like Florida.

I had a dream that space aliens
arrived and started living among us
and one day the aliens came over to watch Star Wars.
During the cantina scene, one of the
aliens yelled, "Hey, that's Uncle Herb!"

I had a dream where everything
finally made sense and I thought, so
That's what my sister meant.

I had a dream where everyone had a dream
And I felt so cheated because everyone
Was in my dream
But I was in nobody's, not even my own, hardly.
I bet I would be pretty fun in your dreams.

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