by Phil

Hello, and welcome to Phil's world. You may wonder why there is a graduation cap on this page. Good wondering. It's because Phil's Osophy is a place for intellectual highbrows to gather and ponder. this issue, Phil osophizes about Long Roads.

Hi, I'm Phil.

Um, today I am talking about the road between cities. You know, the roads that go between nowheres, like, like a long ways. I mean, I don't just, like, I don't just like mean highways. I mean, highways, but not just interstate highways. Because some of them don't just necessarily go between states. You know? You could stay within the same state and just go in one state between cities and there's like nothing in between.

I guess I will tell you the reason I was talking about this. Because I'm going to be going to Las Vegas this weekend and, um, and this long, I'll be driving along a long road like that. Well, except actually, actually, um, I'm already there I guess because it's Sunday already, because, so I'll be there by now, because it's Sunday. You will be reading this on Sunday. So I've already been there.

No, actually, wait a minute. If it's already, um, let's see. You are reading this from two to three on Sunday, I might already be coming back from Vegas. See, if it's in the earlier part of the hour, um, I might still be in Vegas, or I might not be. But I might still be. Let's see, well, I'm probably still within Nevada, although I may have crossed the line. I don't know. Never mind.

Anyway, so it's like this long road between. There's hardly anything there. It's like a big, long, flat kind of boring road. But it's really not very boring. I mean, a lot of people think it is boring, but there's really a lot of actually very interesting stuff along the way. You see, like you're driving along and there'll be these big mounds of dirt and things. Okay? And they're like, you wonder, you know, how do they get there? Did people just decide to just pile up some dirt there? I mean, who did that? Why? Is it like Dirthenge or something like that? I mean, and then there's like, it's just a long stretch of road. And you know, it's very interesting when you think about it.

And, well, there's also, um, you know, you notice like there's nothing there. You know, there has to be. They built the road for a reason. Because people had to go back and forth between cities. And you go along them and you see relatively few people on it, and so it's like, you know that road is just like for a few people at a time, you know. It's kind of interesting because you feel like they built the road just for you.

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