Nora Ephron

Adam Sandler

It's a tie! How exciting.

Nobody assumed movie-goers were stupider than these two world-class assholes. Fuck you both. I hope you get hit by trucks before you have a chance to make more of your miserable, cynical shit.

Nora writes her movies based on some magic formula, assuming the audience is a bunch of drooling, lovesick morons. She doesn't even believe in the crap she throws up there. She doesn't care about the phony characters or the bullshit settings. she just wants a paycheck.

Adam Sandler is too fucking cool for himself. He could do better, I bet, but he has no interest in even trying. He aims low, tries very little, and looks like a big, doughy dickweed. If he had a conscience in his greedy head, he'd make some effort to challenge us.

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