There are movies so bad that you laugh at them. "Vampires" was that way. It was the misguided effort by a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons freak. But not "54".

"54" went beyond laughably bad. It was so bad I wanted blood. I wasted two hours of my life on this piece of shit without warning. The makers knew it sucked and refused to warn us. Those fat Weistein Brothers pretended like it was going to be great. They lied to us.

They didn't say, "Hey, look, if you go see this movie you'll waste two hours and you'll never get them back." They never said, "We really fucked up this time. We're sorry."

They didn't care about us. The millions of hours that Americans wasted on this heap could have been better spent discovering a cure for cancer. And I now hold Miramax responsible for every cancer death that occurs.

Bunch of assholes.

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