- During a debate this week at the popular girl's fighting site, Shandis and fozano discussed future Internet policies. Following is a complete transcript of the debate.

Fozano: What are you looking at?

Shandis: Huh. Not much.

Fozano: Oh, yeah, well, I just might have to kick your ass.

Shandis: Yeah, you and what army?

Fozano (wiggling fingers): Me and my ten little soldiers.

Shandis: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm a pacifist; and if you don't shut up I'm going to pass a fist right through your face."

Fozano: You want to step outside?

Shandis: Anytime you want, pussy.

Fozano: C'mon, then.

Shandis: Let's go.

Fozano: You first.

Shandis: After you.

Fozano: C'mon.

Shandis: Whenever you're ready.

Fozano: I'm ready, let's go.

Shandis: You go first.

Fozano: C'mon, let's go.

Fozano Aide (whispering): Cool it! Mrs. Garrett is coming.

At this time, English teacher Mrs. Garrett came down the hall and the fight broke up.

Fozano (walking away): You're lucky.

Shandis (also walking away): No, you're lucky.


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