Al "The Foz" Fozano issued a challenge to Randy Shandis today for a televised debate of the key Internet Mayoral race issues.

"Shandis thinks he's all that," said Fozano, "but girl, he ain't. Uh-uh, no way! If he thinks he's the big man, why doesn't he get up on that stage and treat me right?"

Fozano continued: "Besides, what's he going around makin' babies for if he ain't got nobody what will take care of them?" When a reporter tried to answer Fozano's question, Fozano stuck his hand out and said, "Talk to the hand, talk to the hand, because this Mayoral face ain't listenin'."

Randy Shandis accepted the debate challenge, "but not until our case is settled. Mr. Fozano and I have a case pending on 'Judge Judy' that I would like to resolve first. And I will not take up a debate until I have defeated him in Ms. Sheindlin's courtroom."

Court documents show that Shandis is suing Fozano for $5,000, the maximum allowable on "Judge Judy" for an incident dating back to 1996, when the two were neighbors in Livonia, Michigan. Shandis claims that Fozano cut down a row of hedges between their homes that provided Shandis with "much-needed privacy and soundproofing from the delapidated Fozano residence." Shandis is suing for material compensation, emotional harassment and punitive damages.

In a countersuit, Fozano is suing for $5,000 claiming Shandis' suit is frivolous and that the shrubs were encroaching on his property. His mother will be testifying as a character witness.

Shandis promised that when they appear on the Ricki Lake Show, he will show the world why he will make a better Mayor of the Internet by directly addressing the issues. "Besides," said Shandis, "everyone will take one look at Fozano and know he's a 'ho. The man dresses like a hoochie in those ten-dollar JC Penney ties and his cotton-blend short-sleeve dress shirts."

Fozano replied, "You tell that playah that this playah-hater ain't gonna play that. He's whack."

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