Randy Shandis vehemently denied charges leveled by the Fozano campaign this week that he killed a Latin band leader.

Despite their famous and long-running feud, Tito Puente was not killed by Randy Shandis, says Shandis.

"I categorically deny killing Tito Puente, even though he was a jerk and he wouldn't ever let me dance on his stage," stated Shandis as he was led into a Los Angeles courtroom to face murder charges.

"In California," explained a gleeful Al "The Foz" Fozano, "one merely needs to accuse another and he is immediately charged with the crime." That explained Shandis's reason for being here in cuffs, despite the lack of evidence.

Shandis denied the charges and insisted he was nowhere near Puente when the band leader died of natural causes. He acknowledges he was at Puente's house a day earlier with a box of rat poison, but "That was just for kicks," says Shandis.

"Tito Puente looks nothing like anyone I have ever killed," insisted Shandis. "Talk to me about Dana Plato or even Glen Miller and I might flinch, but my many threats to kill Puente were all in good fun. Even Puente was in on the joke, which is why he got that restraining order. For laughs."

After eight hours of courtroom wrangling, Shandis was released under his own recognizance by Judge Lawrence Towers, who also told the court "You can bet I'll be voting Shandis."

Shandis is not cleared in the Puente case, but Los Angeles police have only one week to either create or uncover evidence to support Fozano's accusation. Shandis took the opportunity to reiterate that he will not kill anyone beloved by a majority of the world during his Internet Mayoral Campaign. "The only blood you will see on these hands," Shandis said as he shook his supporters' hands, "is the blood of people you don't know or care about."

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