NME.com- At a tour stop at the site of hip music critic magazine NME, Randy Shandis linked arms with always-popular rock band Duran Duran and announced that the rockers would endorse his campaign.

"Not only that," Said Shandis to a flurry of flashing cameras, "but we're in negotiations for me to become the band's lead singer."

Shandis laughs with the band Duran Duran prior to the launch of their 200-city "Duran Durandy" concert tour.

Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon, a longtime critic of Randy Shandis's plans to make pornography more easily available on the Internet said he changed his mind when Shandis showed the band the future of web nudity. "These ladies are really stacked," insisted Le Bon. "The world needs to see them."

As part of the endorsement package, Duran Duran will kick off a 14-country, 200-city tour later in the month. The tour is being called "Duran Durandy" and the mayoral candidate will be joining the band in twelve countries to sing "Hungry Like the Randy" and "Randy on Film." In addition, the band revealed a set of commercials they have made that will play on the major networks leading up to the Novemeber election.

"The theme of the commercials is 'Suck It Fozano,' which is a sentiment we share with Mr. Shandis," said band member Nick Rhodes.

The band denied that they are siding with Shandis after Fozano dissolved his management of their careers and disappeared with $14 million in royalties. Fozano also has been responsible for breaking up two band member marriages and once ran over former band member Andy Taylor. An unconfirmed rumor also has it that Fozano wrote or co-wrote all of the crappy songs on the band's embarrassing album "Medazzaland."

Duran Duran's endorsement follows Scritti Politti and Edgar Winters, thereby securing the rock aficianado vote in 2000 for the Shandis campaign. The United States Police Union, American Teacher's Union, and the American Association of Retired People have all said they will likely now endorse Shandis as well. "We were waiting to see what Duran Duran would do," said an AARP representative.

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