popstar.com - Internet Mayoral Candidate Randy Shandis was blindsided again this week when the Fozano campaign claimed he was responsible for the breakup of the Beatles. Shandis' aides said the claims were "completely baseless and untrue." Shandis himself explained "I seriously doubt that I was the reason they broke up, but I suppose it makes good headlines."

"All I did," continued Shandis, "is act as a mediator between Paul and John, passing messages between them when they wouldn't speak. I took that role one step further and also made up a lot of stuff, much of it malicious. But they already didn't like each other."

On a roll, Shandis continued, "I never posed as Yoko Ono in person. Yes, I would often impersonate her on the phone, and call Paul. And yes, I would then scream in his ear and jabber incoherently, but that was all in fun. It was just a good joke. Besides, Fozano's the one you should talk to. I'm not saying I broke up the Beatles but what he did was much worse."

In fact, Fozano has been widely blamed for reuniting the remaining Beatles in the 1990s. "Fozano single-handedly got Ringo, Paul and George back into the studio to make those stupid, stupid records. He cost the music consumer millions of dollars."

Shandis also said that although he was around when the Beatles broke up, he was also there when the Knack almost split up. "If it wasn't for me, there would be no 'My Sharona'." In his autobiography, My Life as God, Shandis tells the story of how a young, struggling Knack almost broke up because they were not getting along. Shandis talked them into putting aside their differences, primarily by selling them a medium pizza and 6-pack of beer for 20% of their future royalties.

"You have to remember," said Shandis, "at the time I didn;t know they would be one of rock's royalty, or that I changed history. I just thought I was making a quick buck off some dumb kids."

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