- At the French Automotive site, Randy Shandis announced that his main opposition in the contest for Mayor of the Internet has conceded. Shandis told the few reporters who are still following his campaign that Al "The Foz" Fozano has dropped out of the race.

"Don't ask him, ask me," Shandis told reporters who insisted on getting verification from the Fozano camp. "I'm the one he told."

When pressed for more details of Fozano's concession, Shandis told reporters his opponent called him late the previous night. "The guy was so drunk I could barely understand him." According to Shandis, Fozano did not talk about conceding right away. Rather, he first discussed this year's San Francisco 49ers, then proceeded to the topic of women's breasts.

"Finally, just as I was about to hang up," said Shandis, "He commented that he had no friends. I assumed by that he meant no votes or contributors. Then, he said he was a loser, a total loser. That, as pathetic as it is, was how he conceded the election."

When later contacted (against Mr. Shandis's will), Al "The Foz" Fozano denied both that he was drunk and that he conceded the election. "I didn't drink anything all day yesterday," insisted Fozano. He did, however, admit that he may have called Shandis but "I was so high on crack at the time I can't remember anything." He said anything he says while "stoned out of my mind" should not be taken seriously.

The Internet Election Commision has no experience with a candidate conceding for his opponent and there are no rules on the books regarding it. The commission chair said the rule-making board would look at the statements of each candidate and determine a coure of action.

Said the Commission Chair, "I see no reason not to believe Mr. Shandis's claims, however. He has proven himself to be a totally trustworthy and reliable candidate. We are likely to vote in his favor considering how much money he has given us."

Shandis, though, seems unconcerned and has moved on to his next issue. When told ofFozano's response, the frontrunner asked "Did he say where he got the crack? How much did he pay?"

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