- At a political stop at the popular online cartoon site, Randy Shandis exposed a plot uncovered deep within the bowels of the Al"The Foz" Fozano campaign.

"Despite what my worthless opponent says, he is not for more pornography and looser restrictions on online drug purchases." Shandis told reporters and employees. "He's interested in world domination."

Shandis recounted the story of how he, four other people and a dog accidentally tumbled into Fozano's basement after leaping the mayoral candidate's chain-link fence and disarmed his security system. Stumbling around the creepy, musty basement, the gang discovered what appeared to be a Doomsday Machine under construction.

"It had a lawnmower motor, some springs, this big blade and all these weird wire coppers that were no doubt meant to stop the world's computers from working," said Shandis.

Shandis and the gang snatched the Doomsday Machine and were in the process of escaping when Fozano snuck into the basement to get drunk where his wife couldn't see him. He saw Shandis and the youngsters and chased them out of the basement. Shandis said he was unable to secure the Doomsday Machine, but reported it to a local authority, Larry the guy at the MotoFoto.

"It's true," confirmed Larry. "That Shandis guy told me all about it."

"Once again," Shandis told reporters, "we see that Fozano is a nefarious criminal and I urge you to stop his reign of terror before he gets carried away. It's up to each and every voter to stop him."


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