The Best Ten Subway Sandwiches of the Millennium

Getting hungry? Well, our panel of experts sure got hungry coming up with this list. It took three days of gastro-intestinal fortitude and lively debate before they settled on a number one. Why not go get one tonight?

10. Cajun Chicken (50)
9. Tuna (50)
8. The Tofu Snafu (75)
7. Turkey Club (80)
6. Spicy Italian (150) ­ It's exactly like putting one of those foul-mouthed Sicilians in your mouth.
5. Crab and Seafood Salad (150)
4. The "Mama's Little Helper" with extra Valium (150)
3. #1 (260)
2. BMT (300) ­ We know it stands for Bowel Movement then something starting with a T, but we don't care. It's why Subway will be around for another millennium.
1. Meatballs, starring Bill Murray (425)

Other Lunch Options: #6, Vegetarian, #9, The Whopper, The Bread Sandwich, #12 and #4.

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