The 10 Worst Odors of the Millennium

Many Millennial lists give you rankings of things that don't matter. We give you Millennial lists you can use. "Man of the Year?" Who cares? That won't help you learn what to avoid, but this list will. Clip it and save it in your wallet, right next to your favorite Ann Landers column. The number in parentheses is the total number of votes each odor receved.

10. Cooked eggs (95)
9. Serfs (95)
8. Eau de Commerce City (100)
7. Dead mice, or other dead things (105)
6. Burning Flesh (125)
5. The urine and smoke combo in the El Cortez casino (150)
4. The dog Sophie passing gas (165)
3. Stinky (200)
2. The Gold Spike Casino, Las Vegas (245)
1. The hallway in Stinky's building on a really hot day (300) ­ and the interesting thing is, it's not entirely Stinky's fault!

More Gag-Worthy Smells: Chinatown, NYC, at 5 pm on a summer day; Chernobyl; La Zona Rosa, Mexico City, El Seis De Mayo; the Black Pit of Calcutta, the backside of a camel; Bourbon Street at 8 a.m.; the Gulag; any Japanese Seven-Eleven, a bag of turkey a week after Thanksgiving; that one stretch of road on the 5 freeway in LA where you pass that potato processing factory; any trash can at Jackson International Airport, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; any 5-day old sushi; any Dodger team of this past decade; "Crazy Paul," the homeless guy; the grease bin behind a Chinese buffet; Voodoo Butter; the city of Ontario, California

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