The 25 Best Nicknames of All Time

A winning nickname is not only great because of its appropriateness but also because it gets used. Our panel of experts wracked their brains and came up with the most memorable and accurate nicknames of all time. Many of these haven't been used in centuries, but we believe it's time to revive them. Feel free to use them on your frieds and family.

25. "Satchel" Paige (31)
24. Brooklyn (35)
23. Enos "Country" Slaughter (38)
22. Oil Can (40)
21. Bowling Ball Nose (41)
20. Honeybun (41)
19. "Crime Dog" McGriff (42)
18. Sneezy (43)
17. Foxy (44)
16. El Guapo (45)
15. Lispy (45)
14. Mucus (45)
13. The Meat (45)
12. Cooter (46)
11. Huggybear (47)
10. Mommy (48)
9. Vinny "The Chin" (49)
8. Flap Jack (49)
7. "Michael" (50)
6. Old Scratch (50)
5. Sirloin (62)
4. Cookiepants (80)
3. Bad Ass Venom X (100)
2. Stinky (179)
1. Rusty "Le Grand Orange" Staub (500) This red-headed right fielder for the Expos was so popular in Montreal that those Frenchies condescended to give him quite the classy nom de guerre. "Le Grand Orange" doesn't really add any new meaning to "Rusty," but, like all good nicknames, it's pure delight to say.

And Please Don't Forget: Jojo , Flo Jo, Lucas "Puke-Ass" Bernhardt, Blackhead, Mr. Clefty, "Amy" Shovey Yarger, Lumpy, Stretch, Lulu, Pinky, Hutch, Frenchy, Red, Sparky Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain, Fred "Mr. Death" Leuchter, Scar Face, "Old Muddy", Rocky, Fingers, Ducky, Napoleon, Lucky, Spaceman, Violets, Babe and "Old Shakey" (This is one Stinky made up for San Francisco).

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