The 25 Longest-Lived Fads of the Millennium

Remember the hula-hoop and the frisbee? Neither do we, because they didn't have staying power as fads. But our panel of experts do distinctly recall these classic fads that have either run their courses or will fade out early in the 21st century. Take this as a list of things to stop doing or wearing before you look silly.

25. Church-going (42)
24. Rock and/or Roll (45)
23. Electricity (49)
22. Puffy (50)
21. Big League Chew (50)
20. Skateboarding (50)
19. Pingu (50)
18. New World Order (50)
17. Communism (50)
16. Glam Rock (50)
15. Grebo (50)
14. Getting paid on Friday (50)
13. Shit flowing downhill (50)
12. The generation gap (50)
11. Nuclear Families (51)
10. The Nation-State (55)
9. Subjugating nature (55)
8. Dressing in black (60)
7. Deriving music from the vibration of strings (65)
6. Panic about "The End of Days" (65)
5. The Printing Press/ Publishing (90)
4. Exploring the Globe (75)
3. Monotheism (70)
2. Pornography (90)
1. Pants (130) ­ Take a moment and look around you. Specifically, look at the legs of those around you. Do you think your life would be tolerable if we were all still in bloomers and tights like those dippy Elizabethans? Hallelujah for pants!

Additional Ways to Conform: the wearing of undies, marriage, combed hair, painting nudes, personal computers, classical music, hanging B.A.s (can't do it without pants!), dueling, disease, short pants, hula hoops, painting with pigments, wearing ties, toilets (but the Big Empire is inventing a better way), movies, patriotism, those Garfield cats you stick to your car window, the Lindy hop, Elvis worship, the mod style, the Internet, Christmas and the leather jacket (people will get cold, but they won't look so stupid!)

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