Phil Fleischmann is the cool star of the popular new movie "The Wacky Mixup" being released this fall and co-starring another teen fave, Rip Torn! It's destined to be a monster hit. Neet Tean got an exclusive interview with this new, teenage megastar in which he talks about the movie, his career, and his love-life!

Neet Tean: Oh, my God, I am so totally excited to, like meet you, Phil. You are only like my all-time favorite actor of all-time.

Phil: Thank you.

NT: Phil, tell us about the movie, your career, and your love life!

Phil: Well, basically, "The Wacky Mixup" is about a rich city a kid and his uncle, a poor country farmer that try to live each other's life for a month.

NT: How do they do that?

Phil: It all starts when Brad Idyll, that's me, starts having some uncool things happen in his life. First, some bleater scratches the paint on his Ferrari. Then, his foreign island property tax shoots up 0.013%. And other tragedies like that happen.

 So he gets really bummed out, you know? He learns the hard way that it's not easy being rich.

Meanwhile, his uncle, that's Slim, is also having problems in the country. His crops are ravaged by locusts. He is starving. He can't make his mortgage payments and stuff.

NT: So he decides he doesn't like his life either?

Phil: Right. That's the only part of the movie that could be thought of as unrealistic. His uncle gets so upset over such minor problems. Anyway, they both decide that they hate their lives and they both wish really hard that they could be the other one at the exact same time. And suddenly, they are! And who's to say that that couldn't really happen?

NT: Cool. And then what happens?

Phil: Well...I don't want to spoil the movie for you, but you can imagine the wacky mixups that occur when they try to live each other's life.

NT: What else can you tell us about the movie? What kind of movie is it?

 Phil: It's a totally original concept. Nothing like this has ever been done before. It's good and it's funny.

NT: Are you afraid audiences might not be able to relate to such a unique idea?

Phil: Oh, no. John Hughes, the director, says that "Wacky Mixup" has lots of pathos. Those are things that make the audience relate to it. One patho comes when Brad's father gives him a frozen food company for his birthday and Brad pretends to be excited. It's a very funny scene that everyone can relate to.

NT: I understand the soundtrack is performed by the hot new teen band NEAT!

Phil: Yes. The music is one of the best parts of the movie and includes the sure-to-be-hits "Some of the Words (Are in Parentheses)", "Only Five Seconds (of this Song Are Actually in the Movie)", and "Love Just Might Be (More Important than Money)".

NT: It's been so rad talking with you. Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say to your loyal teen following that will be reading this interview?

Phil: Yes. I just want to say that I'm a teenager, too. I know that it's not always easy, but you should just try to have a good time and enjoy it.

After meeting Phil, Neet Tean saw a preview screening of "Wacky Mixup" and it's the best movie ever!! See it lots of times!

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