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Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers is a full-service marketing and consulting firm. We will work with your company to devise a corporate logo that promotes whatever message you choose. We has over five years of experience designing logos that are unique, eye-catching, and declare something about your business and the way you do it.

Plus, Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers brings a little bit of our obsession to each logo we design. That obsession, of course, is quality.

Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers knows what your customers want and we know how to deliver over and over again. Why not give us a try?

Below is a list of current, past and proposed logos developed by Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers for our customers in the United States and abroad.

 Fortis Communications Fortis Telecommunications is a long term client of Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers. This logo was designed to emphasize, in an abstract way, how much clients will appreciate their low cost telecommunications solutions. We are currently developing their advertising campaign based on the slogan we created, "Fortis Telecommunications - Ram Home the Savings."

When the New Mexico Grapefruit Growers Cooperative approached us and asked us to develop a mascot that would separate their product from the competition, Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers sprang into action. We wanted to make the average grapefruit buyer stop dead in his tracks and rethink his attitude about grapfruit. We wanted him to say, "I guess I never thought about grapefruit like that before. Damn." In order to do this, we created Cheeky, the Tasty Little Bitch. Needless to say our client was thrilled.

It is still too early to say how the campaign is working, but we've already generated a lot of enthusiasm in a hard-to-please target market: teenaged boys.

 NM Grapefruit
 Mr. BIG Savings

 Sometimes, Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers is overlooked by the larger corporations. These corporations like to "play it safe" and go with the same slogans and the same logos for decades. Their fear of the unknown may ultimately have catastrophic results for them, but it could mean huge savings for you!!

To the left is a logo character Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers developed for AT&T to replace their aging globe logo. His name is Mr. BIG Savings. AT&T declined to select him as the international ambassador of their telephone marketing program. They also declined the slogan that Mr. BIG Savings comes with, which is "You can talk on this baby all night long."

In order to work more efficiently, Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers offers unused logos and slogans such as Mr. BIG Savings and other at up to 50% off their original development costs. These logos and slogans have either been never-used publicly or used in small third-world markets and are not recognizable in North America. They're as fresh as the day we first proposed them to some other company. Just because they didn't think our effort was appropriate doesn't mean you will too.

 Be sure to stop by our showroom and see what miracles Mr. and Mrs. Discount Logo Makers can perform for your business. We'll show you our state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech strategy development rooms. If you like us, maybe we'll all have sex.

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