Here are some of my (Bob Dole's) favorite jokes.

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I heard this one on the Internet. I subscribe to a newsgroup where they tell dirty jokes, but I cannot remember what it is called. My intern used to do it for me.

My girlfriend and I were on an elevator and it got stuck between floors. So we got off between floors by having sex.

This is something my friend Ben Nighthorse said:

Sex is dirty only if it's done right!!

This is onbe of my favorites!!

there is this guy who has a wife and she has a lot of pain because she is pregnant. They go to the doctor and they tell the doctor she is having all this pain and the man says, "I only wish I could carry the pain for a while, but that is impossible." The doctor says, "No, wait. I have a machine that transfers the pain that the mother feels to the father." The man says that's great! I'll try it." So they hook him up and the doctor turns on the machine.

The man says, "I don't feel anything." The doctor says, "Hmmm, I better turn it up some more." Still the man doesn't feel anything. So the doctor turns it up more. And still nothing. So the doctor turns it up to the highest level and says "normally this would kill a man." The man says, I still don't feel anything.

So, that day the husband and wife go home and find the mailman dead on their doorstep.

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